Charging and Hiking at Zion

June 23, 2015

Mark D Larsen

High and Mighty
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I have always marveled at Zion National Park’s sheer, towering cliffs, and really enjoy hiking its many trails. Now that its main Visitor Center has EVSEs, I can finally visit it on a more regular basis —at least until my Leaf’s battery capacity drops too low to make the journey! You will notice in the following photos that said threshold is drawing near, so I want to take full advantage while it is still possible.

Below are thumbnails of a slide show from my latest day trip there this week. You can click on any of them to open the window at that point in the sequence, and then navigate forward and backward from there. You will also be able to open enlargements, and run clips of any videos, by clicking on the image in each slide.

Enjoy! I certainly did!

Slide Show of the Day Trip
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As soon as the stinging nettle has settled, I intend to tackle the challenge of Angel’s Landing —and hope that they won’t have to rename it... Mark’s Landing!