Original Battery Capacity Loss
in my Nissan LEAF

Mark D Larsen

Final Update:
February 16, 2017

LEAFStat’s Stats
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Battery Capacity:

Miles Driven:


During the previous three months, my capacity readouts had shown a truly baffling trend. In October I crossed the 4th bar threshold of 66.25% that Nissan published in its original service manual. However, rather than losing that bar, my battery’s capacity steadily increased again. Never before have I seen such a constant, prolonged reversal, which I deemed capacity chicanery.

However, after replacing my 12V battery a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the capacity percentages suddently started to nose dive back down to where they had been in October. Lo and behold, today... I lost the 4th bar!

It looks like I will qualify for a battery replacement under warranty after all! I will continue to monitor this pack until the new one is installed, and then start to monitor the “lizard” battery just as carefully.