Window Tinting
for my Ioniq 5

Mark D Larsen

March 15, 2024

Temporary warning while the tinting “cures”

My Ioniq 5 came with rear window tinting from the factory, which looks great and helps keep heat and light out of the second row. Because Tamara is particularly adverse to having the sun beating down on her through a car’s windows, we decided to also have the front windows tinted by the shop that applied the PPF to the car.

From what information I could gather online, apparently Hyundai’s rear windows only allow 20% light through their tint. Unfortunately, Utah’s regulations prohibit “a front side window that allows less than 35% light transmittance, with no more than a 5% variance.” Not wanting to risk getting a ticket, we therefore decided to forego installing a tint that exactly matched the rear windows, and instead opted for a 30% shade —the absolute minimum allowed by law. That mismatch isn’t ideal, but… such is the legal limit in this state. Below are photos of the result.

NOTE: You can click on the following photos to enlarge them.


…and after.

Here is a closer view of the side windows. Obviously, Hyundai's rear tint in the back is darker than what we could legally install on the front.

From the inside, however, the difference isn't as noticeable. The good news is that the heat and light intrusion is now more subdued, both front and back.