Screen Protector
for our Ioniq 5

February 10, 2024

Mark D Larsen

Screen Test
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Now that practically all cars come with touchscreen displays, something that has proven more of a necessity than a mere accessory is a good screen protector, similar to what we install on our mobile phones and tablets. I had actually installed two such protectors on our Model 3. The first one was a clear version that unfortunately ended up cracked when my father-in-law’s cane hit against it. I then replaced it with a matte version with slightly duller images on the screen but also less glare.

I therefore knew that I would want to install a screen protector for my Ioniq 5’s dual 12.3" displays. I did a bit of research in the blogs and forums, and ultimately decided to order a clear Coleya 9H tempered glass version from Amazon designed to extend all the way across both screens. The package arrived a couple of days later, and Tamara helped me install it as described below.

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The screen protector arrived in a long, white, unmarked box.

Inside was the protector inside a foam sleeve, a brief instruction sheet, and two installation “kits.”

The instruction sheet wasn't much help, as it showed illustrations for a more traditional touchscreen, not a long extended pair of screens. Tamara and I followed the usual steps to install the protector, but soon learned that the process was more complicated because of its length. For example, we tried using the provided adhesive tabs along the top to hold the piece steady once we had positioned it over the dual displays, but as soon as we tried to lift up the bottom edge, the tabs would come loose.

We ultimately decided to just position the protector as best we could by hand, and then carefully peel off the adhesive backing so that it would start to adhere to the screens. What complicated the process even more was that the 9H glass was not cut to fit precisely. The curved right side on the top, bottom, and edge fit nearly perfectly, but the protector had a slight curve to the cut so that on the left side it left small gaps along the bottom and side. Even worse, the curve caused the top left corner to end up a bit too high, which produced a small “bubble” that I was not able to flatten out —as you can see in this photo.

The good news is that the corner “flaw” is barely noticeable, and perhaps with time and some sun on the protector it will eventually disappear. Time will tell. Regardless, it’s good enough for me, and at least the protector is doing its job helping to shield Ohm My’s dual displays from errant nicks, scratches, smudges, and smears.