All Weather Mats
for our Ioniq 5

February 10, 2024

Mark D Larsen

For Playing Dirty
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Another accessory that I knew I wanted for our new Ioniq 5 were all-weather floor mats. No, they are not as attractive as the carpeted mats that come with most vehicles, but we have learned through the years that they are a necessity whenever we are driving in rain, snow, sleet, hail, mud, sand, dust. I had installed such mats in our Nissan LEAF, and also in our Tesla Model 3. As soon as I got the Ioniq 5 home, I therefore ordered a full set from WeatherTech, the same manufacturer of the mats we had used in our LEAF.

NOTE: You can click on any of the following photos to enlarge them.

These are the carpeted floor mats for the front seats that came with our Ioniq 5.

Here is the WeatherTech replacement, designed with "lips" around the edges to catch any wetness or dirt. As you can see in the photo at the top of the page, the driver's side extends farther up into the footwell over the foot rest and underneath the pedals.

The carpeted mats for the rear seats match those in the front. You might notice that both sets are shaped to better accommodate the sliding center console in our Limited model.

The Weathertech mats have actual cutouts that fit around the console, whether slid forward or backward in the cabin.

Our Ioniq 5 also came with a matching carpeted mat in the cargo area.

The WeatherTech replacement is a tighter fit due to its "lips" to protect from spills and dirt.

It also boasts slight openings to access the cargo hooks in the front and back of the cargo area.

The hardest part of installing the floor mats was getting their latch holes over the hooks in the floor of the Ioniq 5. Normally, one would simply roll the carpeted mats toward the hooks and they would pop right off. It's too hard to "roll" the stiff, rubberized WeatherTech mats, however, so I had to pull and push and jimmy the mats to secure them over the hooks.

They're all good and secure now, ready to play dirty.

I like how both the front and back mats extend all the way across the flat floor in the Ioniq 5, helping to retain the spacious feeling of its interior.

Besides having some PPF and Ceramic Coating applied to our Ioniq 5 next week, I think that these mats will be the last accessory that I buy for our Ioniq 5 for quite some time. I can only think of one that I’m still missing: a stealth trailer hitch for our bike rack and small camping trailer. However, there is no pressing need to tackle that challenge, as we don’t foresee any biking or camping adventures in the near future.