Amanda Test Drives
My Leaf

July 16, 2015

Mark D Larsen

My eldest takes a spin grin

All of my offspring have now taken test drives in my Leaf! Amanda and her crew paid us a visit while driving through our area from Texas, and she was finally able to take her turn behind the wheel, like Marisa, Jennifer, and Eric.

You can watch a video of part of her test drive by clicking on the photo at the top of the page. You’ll see that we started out on a short dirt road after hiking to see some petroglyphs just a few miles from our home. We then drove for a couple of miles on Highway 91, turned around at the Paiute Indian Reservation’s gas station, and finally turned onto the main road through our Kayenta subdivision. You’ll hear us chat about many aspects of life with an electric vehicle, and I believe that she was impressed with how smooth and responsive the LEAF was to drive.

Her only negative reaction —which echoes my own— was when she learned that Tesla does not allow other EVs to plug in at its SuperChargers —even though its Model S can plug in at others’ stations. As I’ve observed toward the end of this diatribe, it is my biggest pet peeve with the EV manufacturers to date. They claim that they are “allies” in theory, but in practice they are behaving more like a circular firing squad.