Marisa and Shan Test Drive My Leaf

July 28, 2012

Mark D Larsen

Following in the treadmarks of my son Eric and his wife Jessica, my daughter Marisa and her husband Shan got to test drive my Leaf while on their way to California for work and a vacation.

We basically headed for the same route, so they could experience how the car handled at both highway and neighborhood speeds, but they actually ended up driving the car farther and longer. You’ll undoubtedly notice in these videos that I wax intolerably pedantic as I answer their questions and describe the various functions and features of the Leaf.

Shan the Man

Wheelin’ Marisa

I uttered yet another mistake this time around. When Shan first started driving, I suggested that he shift into Eco mode to produce maximum regenerative braking while heading downhill. I thus had that direction of the white dots in the dashboard on my mind, and distractedly used “left” instead of “right” to describe how they multiply when... accelerating instead. Doh-oh!

Like everyone else, Marisa and Shan seemed impressed that the Leaf is a real car, with all the amenities and creature comforts we have come to expect in new vehicles nowadays. It might be a while before they are in the market for another car, but at least now they have a better idea of what an electric vehicle has to offer.