J1772 Holster
for my Ioniq 5

Mark D Larsen

February 5, 2024


When I bought my Nissan LEAF a dozen years ago, I installed its EVSE a good car’s length into the garage, since its charging port was on the nose of the vehicle. Years later, when I bought my Model 3, I decided to simply swap the EVSE for a HPWC, but henceforth had to back into the garage to be able plug in at the driver’s side rear corner.

As I explained in an earlier post, when I bought our Ioniq 5 Limited, I decided to just stick with the HPWC, and buy a J1772 adapter for its plug, since “Ohm My” charges just as fast as the Tesla. The only inconvenience is that the Ioniq 5’s charge port is on the opposite rear corner of the vehicle. Therefore, to plug in on that corner, I’d have to either back into the garage and extend the HPWC cable over the floor behind the hatchback, or pull in frontwards and extend the cable along the passenger side of the vehicle. I tried both options, and ultimately decided that the latter solution would prove less cumbersome, even though I have to extend the cable much farther.

Of course, I could no longer wind up the cable and plug very easily with the HPWC so far from the charge port on “Ohm My.” It seemed obvious that what I needed was a second cable and plug holster closer to that end. There are, I discovered, many J1772 holsters to choose from, but I opted for a fairly cheap 3-D printed model sold through Etsy, shown in the photo at the top of the page. I liked that it was designed to hold the plug sideways so that it didn’t intrude into the space alongside the car. I also appreciated that the screws to mount it were vertical on the holster, which would allow me to secure it more firmly onto a wooden stud inside the wall.

NOTE: You can click on the following photos to enlarge them.

The cable now runs along the floor, hidden behind some long boxes, with more than enough length to plug into the Ioniq 5's charging port. If I ever discard those boxes, I could attach the cable to the wall, although I doubt it would ever get in the way.

When I unplug the car, I can now wind up the cable one or even two turns and store the J1772 adapter in the holster. It's not the most elegant solution, but it works!