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Ioniq 5 Test Drive

February 11, 2023

Mark D Larsen

Having recently taken a VW ID.4 for a test drive, I was anxious to also get behind the wheel of a Hyundai Ioniq 5. Having researched information about this EV for several months, I knew that I would only be satisfied with a top-of-the-line “Limited” model —but they are so popular that it is almost impossible to find one. I had exchanged messages with several sales reps at dealerships in our area, and one of them, Tony Saukus, let me know that they had just taken delivery of two such models if we could drive down to Las Vegas to test drive one before they were snatched up by other buyers.

We therefore set an appointment with Tony for Friday afternoon, and drove the usual two hours to arrive at the Henderson Hyundai dealership shortly before 2:00. While Tony secured the keys for the two Limited models, we were able to briefly check out the features of the SEL model on the showroom floor, as seen in the photo at the top of the page. We then went out to the lot, and Tamara immediately commented how much she liked the “Gravity Gold” color of the one Limited model. Unfortunately, both that color and the “Shooting Star” color of the second Limited are “matte” finishes that require very special care to keep them looking pristine. My own preference among the Limited line is the Cyber Gray color, with a gray interior. Obviously I am not the only one to prefer that configuration, for it is extremely hard to come by: shoppers are buying them before they even arrive on dealers’ lots!

The “Shooting Star” model had a gray interior, so we got in that one to have Tony explain the Ioniq’s numerous features. Like with the ID.4, we liked that it had buttons for the most used functions. Its dual display was informative and easy enough to navigate, although I’m sure it would require a bit of a learning curve to know where to find and modify certain functions. It was nice to be able to connect my iPhone and access CarPlay. When driving, as you will note in the following video, I was really impressed with its “heads up” display. My only real regret was that we had to do the test drive in fairly heavy traffic. Because I had to play close attention on unfamiliar, congested roads and freeways, I’m not sure I completely understand how to engage and disengage its adaptive cruise control and “lane keep” yet. Nonetheless, I was delighted to find that its I-Pedal setting was just as good as in our Model 3 for one-pedal driving. The car was smooth and responsive, a delight to drive.

I was very happy with the Ioniq 5 Limited. It exceeded my expectations, and I would gladly buy one in a heartbeat at this point, despite having to forego the convenience of the Tesla Supercharger network on long distance roadtrips. Tamara, however, isn’t as convinced, for she opines that the seating comfort in both the ID.4 and Ioniq 5 is hardly better than in our Model 3 —which she really doesn’t like. Rather than get behind the wheel herself, she again consented to video our test drive from the back seat, and did a better job with the camera than I did with mastering the car’s controls. The video turned out abnormally long, given all the traffic that slowed us down considerably, so be warned that it will likely try your patience!

In the Driver's Seat