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VW ID.4 Test Drive

February 9, 2023

Mark D Larsen

For various reasons mentioned in previous posts, lately we have grown unhappy with Tesla, let alone with its petulant CEO, and thus will likely be relinquishing our Model 3 for some other EV in the future. I have consequently been researching several models that other automakers are bringing to market, but haven’t had the chance to see and drive any of them in person. After running some errands this afternoon, we had some spare time and decided to swing by our local Volkswagen dealer to see if we could take an ID.4 for a test drive.

I have to say that I was more impressed than I anticipated. The RWD model that we saw had several desirable features. I especially liked that its binnacle was mounted on the steering column so that one could clearly see it no matter how the wheel was positioned. That strikes me as a much better solution than what Tesla is trying to do with its “yoke.” I also liked that, after engaging its adaptive cruise control, you could later press a button to “resume” that same set speed —something you cannot do in our Tesla. Its display was clear, easy to read, and we liked having a some buttons to access the most common and useful functions, rather than having to search and navigate a touchscreen. In short, it reminded me of how much I miss our previous LEAF hatchback —but in this case with enough range for long distance roadtrips. I’d say that the only real advantage that Tesla has over the newest EVs like the ID.4 is the Supercharger network. Hopefully DCFC providers will up their game in the coming years to match its convenience and speed. Fingers crossed!

Tamara consented to be our videographer while I got behind the wheel for the test drive. Below is what she recorded. She did a good job —better than I did trying to engage the features of an unfamiliar EV for the first time!

In the Driver's Seat