8th Maintenance Checkup
for my Nissan Leaf

February 26, 2018

Mark D Larsen

Can You Give Me A Lift?
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The usual maintenance reminder appeared on my LEAF’s display this week, so I scheduled an appointment with the dealer for the next day. I told the service department not to bother rotating the tires (the tire store does that) or changing the cabin air filter (I can do that myself). Consequently, there was little maintenance to perform, other than a complimentary multi-point inspection.

As you can see in the printout below on the left, everything checked out fine except... for the tires, which are again wearing thin —after only 31,000 miles. So much for the Energy Savers’ 50,000 mile warranty! It looks like I will need to replace them again in the next few weeks. I am amused, however, that the dealer’s default checklist includes inspecting all kinds of components that are only found on an ICE vehicle.

As for the replacement “lizard” battery, the printout on the right below shows that it still has all 12 capacity bars and that my score still rates “very high” in all four categories. Nonetheless, I have to confess my disappointment in the battery’s health. As you can see in my latest LEAFStat readout, it has now lost more than 10% capacity in less than a year and 8,000 miles. I might be wrong, but suspect that, despite its “lizard” nickname, this replacement battery will not hold up any better than the original. Time and mileage will tell.

Total cost for the 8th maintenance checkup? Zero, zip, zilch, nada. Can’t beat that!

Checking In
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Bar Hopping
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