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Mark D Larsen

A pet peeve that really… winds me up!
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Besides my irritation with Trashy Tesla owners, another of my biggest disappointments with EV drivers is how they treat public charging equipment. More specifically, it appalls me how often I visit a Level 2 charging station and find that the previous person to use it has just rudely dumped the cable on the ground, not only getting it grimy and dirty but also causing a potential hazard for someone else to trip or drive over. Why the hell can’t they wind the cable back up onto the EVSE, if not to show gratitude to those who provide the service, but at least to be courteous to the next EV owner to arrive there? When I bought my first EV over a decade ago, I never would have imagined that fellow owners who are supposedly also trying to “build a better world” could be so utterly self-centered and lazy. Whenever I find charging cables lying on the ground like in the first photo below, I wind them up like in the photo at the top of this page. Below are just a few of the numerous times I have run across this particular pet peeve, and I’m now sure there will be more such instances in the future.

C’mon, fellow EV owners: be decent!

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Ah…! I get it! My fellow EV owners aren't self-centered, lazy, or rude… they're illiterate…?

Yup…! Definitely illiterate…!

Here I assumed Tesla owners wouldn’t just leave Supercharger cables dangling because they were so short and easy to hang up. Guess I was wrong.

So… did Tesla owners who plugged in at our Village Center make a New Years resolution to rewind the cables after charging? I guess not.

It takes an unbelievable level of ungrateful rudeness to just dump the charging cables on the ground… right in front of the entrance to Tesla's Kettleman City Supercharger coffeehouse and store!