Why Political Candidates’ Religious Beliefs Are Important

Mark D Larsen
May 3, 2012

There are SO many questions about Romney’s Mormonism that I would LOVE journalists to ask him point blank!

I opine that one’s religious views are just as important —perhaps more important— than one’s political philosophy. As my psychologist spouse informs me: for all practical intents and purposes it is impossible to separate “private” beliefs from public attitudes, prejudices, decisions, and behavior.

For example, when it comes to Mormonism in particular (and many other Christian religions)...

Sigh.... I could go on and on and on —and have, obviously. You can see that society’s hands-off deference to religion as a “sacred cow,” a “tabu” subject, really irks me. My point is that those oh-so-private religious beliefs cannot help but have real effects on real people in the real world. Like Richard Dawkins, I want to know what makes a candidate “tick” before casting my vote.