Heresies, Blasphemies, Sacrilege!

Mark D Larsen

“You're baaaaaaaad!”
Warning! The pages linked below convey my personal views on subjects that many people in the 21st century still consider tabu, sacrosanct, off limits, a “sacred cow.” If you are of a devout religious nature, you might want to avert your gaze, lest —gasp!— Mephistopheles beguile you.

The out campaign: scarlet letter of atheism Richard Dawkins’ “Out Campaign”

Cartas abiertas a quienquiera que conociera de misionero
(Open letters to whomever I met as a missionary)

2014-09-07 Islamofacepalm
2014-03-08 Giving God the Finger
2013-04-12 Mormons: A “Choice” People
2012-10-04 Mormons’ Concept of Self —and of Others:
“Thou was chosen before thou wast born”
2012-08-26 My Critique of MSNBC’s “Mormon in America”
2012-07-01 Blind Faith
2012-06-30 Faith in Faith...?
2012-06-11 Chronological Bibliography on Native American Origins:1643-1829
2012-05-12 Why Candidates’ Religious Beliefs ARE Important
2011-08-18 Divine Logic
2011-07-07 Ruminations on Sexism
2008-04-23 Fragments of an Apocryphal Gospel
by Jorge Luis Borges (my translation)


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