Squeeeee... geeeee!
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for my Model 3

Mark D Larsen

Every now and then I run across a product that exceeds my expectations. The “WaterBlade” shown above is one of them. While checking to see if WeatherTech had released floor liners for the Model 3 yet, my curiosity was piqued to open this web page. Drying a car with a pile of towels after washing it can be a chore, so the idea of removing most of the water first with this squeegee seemed like a good idea. I decided to order one and give it a try.

I can attest that it works even better than I anticipated. Its soft, flexible blade has pronounced lips on both sides than remove the water quickly and effortlessly. After using it, I only needed one towel to finish drying some of odd-shaped crevices and bulges. And it is especially suited for drying the Model 3 with its all glass roof, from stem to stern, leaving it absolutely spotless. Works like a charm!