The State of my State’s EVs
Mark D Larsen
Latest Update: Q3 2023
Electric vehicles: 28,661
Other vehicles: 1,444,501
EV percentage: 1.984%

I no longer include plug-in hybrids in these tallies. To be brutally frank, I will confess that they have always struck me as fence-sitting, “middle ground,” greenwashing rather than a true effort to help mitigate the climate crisis. And since GM pulled the plug (pun!) on the best selling PHEV, the Chevy Volt, I foresee that pure electric vehicles will henceforth take center stage in that effort. Nonetheless, if users would like to see the previous Q4 2018 update that included PHEVs, they can open it here.

Another caveat is that Utah does not separate in its sales data models that can have different drivetrains. For example, the gas, hybrid, and electric versions of the Kia Soul or the Ford Focus or the Hyundai Ioniq are lumped together under the same name in its spreadsheets. Nonetheless, Utah is now tallying all the EV drivetrains registered, and if I subtract the known EV models from that total, I can report the difference under the generic label of EV “Conversions.”

Quarter 3 2023

Utah (population 3.338M) vs. Norway (population 5.408M)