The State of United States’ Electric Vehicles
Mark D Larsen
Latest Estimates Q4 2023
Similar to my webpage for plug-in vehicle sales in Utah, I decided in June 2019 to henceforth provide quarterly tallies (instead of monthly) and only include pure electric vehicles (not plug-in hybrids). Truth be told, the latter have always seemed like greenwashing to me, a stop-gap ploy to earn ZEV credits, have some “skin-in-the-game,” yet still support and promote fossil fuels. Now that GM has pulled the plug (pun!) on the best-selling PHEV, the Chevy Volt, I foresee that other such fence-sitting models will only continue to disappear as 100% electric vehicles emerge as the dominant solution to help mitigate the climate crisis.

Indeed, starting in 2020, I have also had to exclude certain EVs. First, because some of them are no longer being produced (the i-MiEV, the Fit EV, the Spark EV, the RAV4-EV, the i3, etc.). Second, because some automakers no longer separate sales for models with versions for both gasoline and electric. For example, Kia now lumps both its Soul and its Soul EV together. I can therefore only provide data for dedicated EVs with distinct model names. This is unfortunate, for there are obviously more EVs now on the road, but the manufacturers are now obfuscating those numbers. Nonetheless, if readers would like to view an earlier monthly report with the now excluded PHEVs and EVs, they can find it here.

Below are graphs with the cumulative numbers nationwide since the end of 2010. I hope to update the figures after each quarter, so check back in the future.

Dedicated EV Models Sold to Date: 3,698,264

Comparison of EV sales: USA vs. the top-selling country