Tesla Model 3
my first sighting

December 30, 2017

Mark D Larsen

Just Passing Through
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For several weeks, ever since Tesla started delivering the first Model 3s to Tesla employees and owners, I had made it a habit of driving by the St. George Superchargers when out-and-about with the hope of seeing one on a roadtrip through our area. Then, by sheer coincidence, I happened to notice on Twitter that an owner, “Bruce M,” was staying overnight in Las Vegas and planned to head “into the mountains” the next day on his journey back home to Minnesota. Surely this meant that he would be stopping by our Superchargers in Utah, so I sent him a tweet to ask if he would please let me know his approximate time of arrival here so I could feast my eyes on his Model 3.

Bruce kindly responded to my request, so the next morning I drove my LEAF to the Superchargers shortly before his projected arrival. Nobody was there, but —sure enough— just a couple of minutes later he pulled up in a gorgeous midnight silver metallic Model 3. He was even so generous as to give me a ride around a few blocks before plugging in to recharge. I was elated! The acceleration was phenomenal, and actually made me feel dizzy and woozy. Riding in it sure whet my appetite to take delivery of the one I reserved so many months ago. Below are a few photos and commentaries of what turned out to be the best gift I received this holiday season.

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I was most impressed with the minimalist interior, free of knobs, dials, buttons, vents and binnacles, allowing an open, unobstructed view out the windshield. The display was clear and informative, positioned perfectly to allow easy access. I only wish I could have had more time to play around with its multiple functions.

Although not as spacious as in a Model S or X, the frunk in the Model 3 was certainly large enough to accommodate a carry-on bag, and sported two pop-out hooks for grocery bags. As you can see, Bruce was carrying his mobile charging unit in the frunk.

To our complete surprise, after a few minutes an identical Model 3 pulled up. This owner was on his way back home to Huntsville, Utah, in the same mountain valley where we used to live in Eden. What a coincidence! Who would’ve thought, after all the times I’d driven by the Superchargers, that I’d finally see not one, but two, twin Model 3s at the very same time.

A couple with a silver Model S then arrived to recharge. They were surprised and tickled to also see Model 3s for the first time.

As you can imagine, the conversation turned to comparisons and differences between the two models.

Shortly thereafter, a black Model X showed up to charge between the two Model 3s, and then a white Model S arrived so that 5 of the 8 Superchargers were occupied —the first time I’d seen that many at once since the site was expanded.

I was delighted to be able to check out the Model 3 in person. The chance opportunity renewed by enthusiasm to take delivery of my own someday. How much longer I will have to wait is anybody’s guess. It will depend upon several factors. For example, I had originally thought that I would prefer AWD with a tow hitch, but there has been no confirmation that the latter accessory will be an option at this point. Moreover, if AWD is not available until after Tesla crosses the 200,000 car threshold that reduces the EV tax incentive, then that option might prove doubly expensive. We’ll just have to see when I get my invitation to order, how the total numbers are stacking up, and what Model 3 options will open up in the future.