3-Day Trip to SLC
in our Model 3
May 19-21, 2022

Mark D Larsen

Rainbow Roof
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We took a short trip to Salt Lake City to attend the graduation of Tamara’s niece, Haley, from the University of Utah Medical School. It’s hard to believe that it has been 4 years since we first drove there to see her initiation into the program. The University of Utah is my alma mater, so it’s always nostalgic for me to revisit the campus. It’s also disconcerting to see how much it has changed since I graduated with my M.A. 45 years ago before moving to Connecticut to earn my doctorate.

NOTE: You can click on the following photos to enlarge them, and the movies to play them.

I charged the battery to 80% and reset the trip odometer to start out journey.

On this trip we had also agreed to transport the doggy of my own niece, Lizzy, from my sister’s place in Mesquite to their home up north. Here you can see Bailey and Moxie in the back, and will undoubtedly notice that Bailey is a senior pooch, 18 years old!

In this video clip I explain where we're going, shortly before we stopped to Supercharge in Beaver.

We arrived in Beaver with 31% in the battery, slightly better than what Correcaminos had predicted.

We had charged in Beaver many times in the past, but those trips were before Tesla installed a long row of 24 v3 Superchargers. I was impressed to see them all lined up, with about a half-dozen cars plugged in.

While charging, we took Moxie and Bailey for a walk to visit the doggy "restroom."

The display had predicted a charge time of 25 minutes, but it actually only took 19 to again reach 80%.

Our next stop was at the Superchargers in Nephi, and a few minutes later I recorded this video as we approached Mount Timpanogos to the east of Utah Valley.

Here you can see a clearer view of that mountain after we got closer to it.

We arrived at our motel, handed Bailey over to Lizzy's husband, Michael, and then joined Tamara's family for dinner. Here is our medical school graduate, Haley, holding her mom's doggy Tilly, next to her husband, Charlie.

The next day I dropped Tamara off at the arena where the commencement would take place, then parked the car and took Moxie for a walk on campus. This was quite a unique horse sculpture formed out of sticks.

The building where I took my classes decades ago has since been replaced by this new one. I was amazed to see that the fountain in front of it now has large trees around it, for it was completely bare when I was a student.

I then set the climate control in the car to "Dog Mode," left Moxie to take a nap, and joined Tamara’s family in the arena. The graduating students were way down below the bleachers where we were sitting, and we couldn’t really distinguish Haley among all the regalia.

Here is the program in which she was alphabetically the 35th graduate to receive her diploma.

I took this video when they announced her name, placed her hood on her, and gave her the diploma. You can hear the family howling their proud approval!

That evening, we all went to a restaurant in downtown SLC to honor Dr. Haley Godwin.

The next morning, I went to the nearest Supercharger in SLC to restore 80% in the battery.

In this clip, I explain that we're on the I-15 freeway heading home, but planned to stop in Orem to have lunch with my nephew, Ryan.

It was great to visit with Ryan. I didn't get to see him when I visited his family in North Carolina during my cross-country roadtrip last fall.

While leaving Orem, we spotted this unique replica of Stonehenge at a nursing and rehabilitation facility named after that archaeological site.

Tamara wanted to stop and do a bit of shopping, and I took this selfie of me and Moxie while waiting in the car.

Here we are approaching Mount Nebo, the highest peak on the Wasatch Range, not far from Nephi where we would Supercharge.

We arrived there with 32% in the battery.

There are only 8 Superchargers there, and we were lucky to get a stall.

The display predicted 30 minutes to recharge, but it actually took only 26 to again reach 80%.

When we arrived back in Beaver, the energy graph showed that we still had a 25% charge.

There were more Teslas at the site than when we passed through here 2 days ago.

After 19 minutes to recharge to 80%, we were ready to take the last leg of the journey home.

We pulled into the driveway with 37% remaining.

The odometer showed that we had driven 680 miles on the entire trip, using 275 Wh/mi, i.e., 3.64 miles-per-kWh, slightly lower than the EPA rating of 3.85. Given that almost all the miles were on the freeway, at 80 mph, that level of efficiency is impressive.

Although a short trip, it was nice to spend some time with Tamara’s family to honor our recent graduate. We are very proud of Haley and wish her the best as she returns to the Sacramento area in California to begin her residency as an Emergency Room physician. We’ll undoubtedly see her and the family again in a couple of weeks, when we undertake our 8th roadtrip to visit Tamara’s parents in that area.