Signs of the Times
in my Nissan Leaf

May 9, 2013

Mark D Larsen

The Writing on the Wall
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As I had hoped, I have noticed in my rearview mirror when stopped at a traffic light that the occupants in vehicles directly behind me are sometimes intrigued by my vanity plate and frame. Nonetheless, drivers and passengers on either side of me at those intersections only rarely give my Leaf a second glance. My guess is that it looks like such a “normal” car that they fail to realize that it is, in fact, an electric vehicle —despite the “Zero Emission” logos on its front doors.

I therefore decided to add some chrome ELECTRIC emblems to those logos. I had found such lettering on various websites, but ultimately I ordered a pair of the emblems from Plug-In America’s online store to support their efforts to promote EVs. Mounting them on my Leaf was relatively easy, and the photo on the left below shows a close up of the result.

So let it be written...
(Click to enlarge) let it be fun
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On the right above is a full view of my Leaf with the new emblems. I am pleased to see that they are, indeed, more legible than the logos from such a distance. We’ll see if those who pull up next to me in the future will henceforth do a double-take when they see them. Hope so!