More Camping
in Pine Valley
in our Model 3

Mark D Larsen
June 19-21, 2022

Life Elevated
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Tamara wondered how I would like to celebrate Father’s Day, and I told her that I wanted to go camping for a couple of nights. I made a reservation for a spot in the Pine Valley campground, packed up the trailer, and loaded Correcaminos with our food, water, folding chairs, and other camping paraphernalia. Below is the usual verbose narrative of the trip:

NOTE: You can click on the following photos to enlarge them, and the movies to play them.

I reset the trip odometer to start our journey.

Navigation predicted that we'd arrive in the campground after driving 36 miles.

The energy graph estimated that we'd arrive with 58% left in the battery.

Ready to start the journey.

Moxie was curious to see where we were going, probably hopefully that we weren't already taking yet another trip to CA.

It's impossible to see our camp trailer in the rearview or side mirrors, but at least we could see it in the rear view camera.

Here is my usual introduction en route.

This clip shows when we pass Gunlock reservoir.

We stopped halfway there in Veyo at its famous pie shop.

Moxie and I waited in the car while Tamara went to get some lunch.

She bought a chicken pot pie for us all to share.

Moxie, of course, was licking her lips.

This is a video when we arrived at the campground.

We located our reserved camping spot.

The trip odometer showed that we had used 399 Wh/mi (= 2.51 miles-per-kWh) towing the trailer up to the mountains.

I demonstrated how to set up our tiny camp trailer. Voilà!

All set to rough it.

Our camp site had a lot of shade most of the day.

Moxie and I were ready for some rest-and-relaxation.

We took a walk around the campground, appreciating the scenery.

Moxie seemed to remember our last camping trip and prefered to hang out on the bed inside the camper.

As night fell, so did the temperature.

Indeed, Tamara felt so chilled that we decided to get in the Model 3 and turn on "Romance Mode" to warm up before we hit the sack.

The next day dawned beautiful, with clear skies over the Pine Valley reservoir.

Moxie was the happiest to just lounge in a camp chair and chew on her elk antler.

Here is our camping setup from the rear.

Another view from farther away across the field.

Sunset was glorious as the fading rays colored the peaks above us.

The next morning, I loaded everything into Correcaminos and folded the trailer back up to drive home.

I reset the trip odometer for the journey.

It predicted that we'd arrive after using only 1% of the battery.

In reality, however, we pulled into the driveway after losing 6%.

In other words, we'd driven 39 miles, but only used 98 Wh/mi (= an astounding 10.20 miles-per-kWh). Regenerative braking is marvelous when a trailer is helping to push you down a mountain! Obviously, towing our tiny trailer has hardly any effect on range, thanks to its low, narrow profile and its 265 lb. weight.

It was pleasant to again escape the heat and get up into the pristine pine forests to the north of us. I have always enjoyed camping, getting into nature, having a break from all the turmoil and stress from the news and anti-social media. Tamara, however, has a very hard time on these adventures, which tend to exacerbate her health problems. She is not, as they say, a “happy camper,” but was a real trooper to attempt the inconveniences once again, simply to please me. Nonetheless, I am starting to think that I will just sell this tiny camper rather than subject her to such challenges. After all, if you’re not really having fun, and just tolerating the discomfort, what’s the point? Maybe, perhaps, possibly someday I’ll get a more fully functional, enclosed camper for her to feel more “at home” when in the wilderness.