Costs to Date
in my
Tesla Model 3

October 1, 2023

Echoing the fossil fools’ petrolganda, pe’trolls often claim that electric vehicles are just too expensive. Of course, I didn’t purchase my EVs just to “save money,” but rather to do my small part to help mitigate the climate crisis. Still, I have most certainly saved money on “fuel,” and every month I post these stats on my solar webpages to show the savings compared to my previous gas Subaru, both with and without the array:

Nonetheless, fuel savings aren’t the only costs of car ownership, so I periodically compile and add up everything in my records that I have spent on my Model 3 to date —and I have spent a lot! Many of those expenses are universal for practical any car, no matter the drivetrain —like new tires, 12V battery, windshield wipers, insurance, registration. Others are optional accessories that perhaps most owners would want to purchase for their cars —like paint protection, all weather floor mats, cleaning supplies, a windshield sunscreen. But there are also specific costs that are unique to electric cars —like a wall charger and plug adapters.

At any rate, I have tried to find every expense that I have spent on my Model 3 so far, and below is a table that lists them and their costs. As I put more miles on the odometer, pay for more Supercharging, and perhaps buy even more accessories, I will update the tally. For example, just recently I had to pay a hefty repair bill to replace the Power Conversion System (PCS) in my Model 3’s High Voltage Battery Service Panel, because —unlike other EV makers— Tesla refuses to cover such electronics under its High Voltage Battery and Drive Unit Warranty. I have thus added that expense toward the bottom of the table.