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My Nissan LEAF

My Tesla Model 3

Cedar Breaks

Bryce Canyon

Supercharging to CA

Salt Lake City

Telluride, CO

First v9 Day Trip

First Camping Trip

Holiday Roadtrip

Mothers Day Trip

Kolob Canyons

Northern Utah

Colorado Roadtrip

Pine Valley Camping

Kodachrome Basin

4th Roadtrip to CA

5th Roadtrip to CA

Fall Daytrip

1st Post-Vaccine Daytrip

McWilliams Campground

Daytrip to Brian Head

6th Roadtrip to CA

Camping in Pine Valley

Grand Canyon North Rim

Cross-Country Roadtrip

7th Roadtrip to CA

3-Day trip to SLC

8th Roadtrip to CA

More Camping in Pine Valley

3rd Roadtrip to Telluride

Desert Dessert

Capitol Reef

9th Roadtrip to CA

10th Roadtrip to CA