Dixie Transportation Expo
at St. George, Utah

Mark D Larsen

February 12, 2019

Wanna See My V-8?
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Having participated in the Dixie Transportation Expo in 2017, and now that I had my Model 3, I contacted the City of St. George to inquire if they’d again allow me to arrange to display some electric vehicles at the event. They were happy to do so, although we would have to set the cars up in the main hallway rather than the in exhibition area like two years ago. Only one other local EV owner, James McDermott, responded to my request and committed to bring his white Model X for attendees to see. I likewise set up Correcaminos in the entry hall, as shown in the photo at the top of the page.

Click on any of these photos to enlarge them:

For those wondering about my display in the frunk, you can see here my silly, tongue-in-cheek humor.

Here are some of the displays in the exhibition hall.

And here are some of the other displays.

Numerous attendees crowded around my vehicle, curious to see what it was like, inside and out. Unfortunately, one elderly lady with huge rings on her hands leaned so hard on the passenger side door that she scratched the chrome molding.

Here you can see the scratches from a side angle.

I scheduled to have Tesla Mobile Service come the following week and replace that molding. Once again, it was good as new!

Despite the damage to that chrome molding, I enjoyed interacting with the visitors to the exposition. Their questions were the same ones I always hear when talking to people about my EVs:

I hope to be able to continue to display electric vehicles at these annual expositions to get more folks motivated in abandon their tailpipes for the greater good of the planet. I’ve found that such events actually provide more exposure to more people than at our Earth Days and National Drive Electric Weeks!