Group Ride
in Ivins

Mark D Larsen
August 12, 2023

Pedal Pushers!
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Yes, I know: this post isn’t really about a road trip, but rather… a trail trip. Still, since it evolves an enjoyable journey using electric motors, I wanted to be sure and include it among the links to our other EV journeys. The gathering was orchestrated by Miss GoElectric, with the support of Aventon bicycles. Miss GoElectric has been traveling around the country this summer to hold similar e-bike rallies in Michigan, Arizona, California, and Colorado. When I first learned she was coming to my community of Ivins to hold another group ride, I immediately committed to participate. She now plans to hold the next rallies in Upstate New York in September and Florida in October.

Of course, my old converted e-bike pails in comparison to the new, slick, powerful, dedicated e-bikes now on the market, with all their whiz-bang features, large batteries and motors. Still… it does the job and didn’t falter in keeping up on the route planned for this group ride into the Snow Canyon State Park. I’m glad that the event sponsors at Rampage E-Bikes chose this particular trail, for the views and formations in the park are truly exceptional. Can’t beat that scenery for a pleasant bike ride in this desert!

NOTE: You can click on the following photos to enlarge them, and the movies to play them.

Here is Miss GoElectric herself, getting a good chuckle over my antiquated e-bike conversion.

Her videographer and producer, Tim, was capturing the event, and I'm sure they'll be posting a summary video of the fun in the near future.

One of the participants had brought her little doggy along for the ride. It made me wish that I'd also brought Moxie in her bike trailer, but it was a hot day —probably too hot for a long-coated Pomeranian.

As participants arrived, they could check in at the Aventon table, register to win an e-bike, and grab some swag as souvenirs.

I noticed that Tim was across the parking lot, working the controls of a new drone that they had brought to help record the fun.

Here is a shot of the drone buzzing over the parking lot.

I then took this panorama video as folks started gathering for the e-bike rally, with the drone overhead, the participant with her cute doggy, and Tim managing the controls.

Soon enough, we started on the e-bike ride up Snow Canyon. Here we had to pause to pay the entrance fee in groups of four.

I was nearer the front of the line, and looking back you can see how many participants had joined in the fun.

As we kept climbing the trail, I took out my iPhone to capture a short video with one hand. You can see when I pass Tim, who was recording everybody as they went by.

At a rest area farther up the canyon, we all stopped to take group picture.

I think those who were not from this area were amazed at the beauty in the state par.

While descending the trail back to the Rampage E-Bike store, I got out my phone again to take a video of the darling doggy ahead of me, riding in her basket.

When we got back, they held the random drawing of the participants to award the prize Aventon e-bike, shown here with my old conversion in the background. Literally something old, something new!

Here is the elated winner of that Aventon with Miss GoElectric and the owners of the Rampage store. Hearty congratulations to her!

It was a memorable group ride, and it was great to be able to see Miss GoElectric and Tim again. Readers will recall that I first met them at Fully Charged LIVE in San Diego nearly a year ago. I hope it won’t be too long before our electric paths cross again, perhaps on another group ride. I only hope that next time it will be in the spring or fall so that I can bring Moxie with me in her bike trailer. She would have loved this adventure!