Cargo Kudos
for my Model 3

Mark D Larsen

In the bag
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Although Correcaminos is not a hatchback, it has more room than I anticipated for carrying paraphenalia. I love having both a frunk and a trunk, and the cubbyhole underneath the latter provides useful storage for the kinds of items I like to always carry in the car, such as the UMC and its plug adapters. The only problem with its cargo capacity is that the black interior of the first production models shows any fleck, dirt, dust, grime that the paraphenalia might leave behind. I therefore decided to purchase the following accessories.

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Tesla sells high quality cargo mats for the Model 3, and I ordered some several weeks ago. Only today did I receive the last shipment, as the demand has been so great that the items were on backorder. Above is the mat for the frunk area, which fits it perfectly. Because these mats are rubber, they can help protect the carpet underneath from wet items.

The matching cargo mat for the trunk is also an exact fit. It thoughtfully has a small opening around the handle for the cubby hole so that you can easily lift its lid to access what’s underneath. You might notice that I already managed to put a few smudges on the mat. Better there, easily wiped clean, than on the carpeted trunk floor!

One disadvantage to the trunk is that its flat surface is so long and wide that items could easily roll around when you’re relishing the Model 3’s nimble handling. To minimize such mishaps, I purchased from WeatherTech a set of CargoTech blocks. Their rubberized bases are slightly sticky and help keep bags, boxes, coolers, suitcases, etc., from sliding around.

Here you can see that, for easy access, I store those CargoTech corners in the cubby hole on top of the UMC, next to the plastic container that I first mentioned in the plug adapter post.

What I am still waiting to order are WeatherTech floor liners, both front and back, which should complement the cargo mats nicely. I had these in my LEAF, and really liked them. With Correcamino’s easily soiled black carpeting and floor mats, they will prove more a necessity than a convenience. I hope they’ll be available soon, and will upload another post when I finally receive them.