Second Day Trip
in our Ioniq 5

Mark D Larsen

February 25, 2024

Between a Rock and a Sweet Spot

On the spur of the moment, we decided to take a drive this afternoon up to Kolob Canyon, a separate section of Zion National Park. I have shared many posts on that tourist site. Indeed, I first visited it in my Nissan LEAF in 2012. I returned there three years later to check out to new EVSEs that I had helped the Park Service install at its Visitor Center. The following month Zion hosted an opening ceremony for those charging stations. In 2019 we returned there in our Model 3. We took Tamara’s friend from the Netherlands, Hedy, to see both Cedar Breaks and Kolob in July last year, and the last time we were there was on the way home from seeing the annular eclipse last fall. On those last two trips we couldn’t drive all the way up to the highest viewpoint because an avalanche had closed the upper portion of the road, but now the repairs were finished and we wanted to once again drive all the way to the top. The views never cease to astound us!

NOTE: You can click on the following photos to enlarge them, and the movies to play them.

I set the navigation to take us to Kolob Canyons, and it predicted that it would take us nearly an hour to drive 46 miles to get there.

A few minutes after leaving, I took this photo of the touchscreen which estimated that we had 247 miles of range (251 if we turned off climate control) and a 77% charge.

I explain in this video where we are going, where we were at, and how the Ioniq 5 was performing.

Moxie could sense that we'd be driving for a while and just snuggled up to take a nap in her carseat.

When we arrived at the Visitor Center, we still had 192 miles of range (194 without climate control), and a 61% charge in the battery. Given that we had been climbing steadily on the I-15 freeway, I was impressed that the Ioniq 5's range was still calculating much higher than its EPA rating. The navigation line was now winding up the canyon to the highest viewpoint.

Here we are at the Visitor Center where we used the rest rooms and looked around a bit in the tourist shop.

I have always been impressed that Zion National Park powers this Visitor Center with a solar array next to the building.

We took this video as we were climbing up the road, and you can see several of the majestic peaks and canyons around us.

Reaching the top, we got out of the car to take photos of several of the mountains on the opposite side of the canyon. I think this was the first time I had ever seen snow on their summits.

The view is so spectacular, wide, and expansive that it is difficult to take a shot of all the peaks together. Nonetheless, to give you the full perspective, here is a stitched composite photo that I took on a previous trip there with Tamara’s parents in 2011, before we had even bought our first EV.

The girls were having a truly peak experience at this viewpoint.

I am willing to bet that ours was the very first Ioniq 5 to visit this canyon.

In these clips we are descending the canyon and taking more panoramas of the formations.

We stopped at various viewpoints along the side of the road to take more photos like this one.

Here is that canyon I mentioned in the second video where you can hike all the way to the main canyon in Zion.

When we were about to exit the canyon, Tamara took this photo of Pine Mountain on the opposite side of the valley.

Moxie had enjoyed a great trip, and got lots of pets from other tourists who thought she was adorable. They were right! She is!

We arrived back home with 44% still in the battery, and a range of 135 miles (138). That extrapolates to a full range of 307 miles, much higher than the EPA's 260 estimate.

This is how far we've driven "Ohm My" since taking delivery. It looks like we crossed the 1,000 mile threshold on the return trip!

It was a very pleasant day trip: picturesque, comfortable, memorable. We both noticed that the Ioniq 5 is exceptionally quiet, even at freeway speeds, much quieter than the Model 3. Its more open floorplan is also roomier and its taller, wider stance gives us better visibility. I predict we’ll be taking another day trip in “Ohm My” in the coming weeks.