Blind Faith

Mark D Larsen

July 1, 2012

On the Stand

Last week the online magazine Death and Taxes published an article by D. J. Pangburn, titled “Mormon founder executed 168 years ago after starting rogue religious city-state.” Reading the comments to that article invoked my wrath, but I couldn't post anything without having a FaceBook account. At any rate, below is the diatribe I was going to post, for whatever its worth.

As many of the comments to this article substantiate, once again those who still hold out a belief in Mormonism defend their “prophet” by nitpicking inaccuracies, throwing out the “anti-Mormon” label, and extolling the “good works” of their cult. Never do they address the crucial questions. For starters, they could address this sampling:

What anyone can see is that we are not talking about an occasional, isolated “mistake” here. We are seeing a repetitive pattern of unconscionable behavior over many years, all verified with documented evidence. It is a clear case of the whole being more than the sum of its parts. Joseph Myth was a liar, a con man, a charlatan, who had no qualms about deceiving others in a quest for power, influence, wealth, and ego.

I purport to you that, to maintain a belief in such things —despite the cold, hard, verifiable facts right in front of your eyes— is not faith. It is blind faith. How can you not be embarrassed to continue to defend it?