The State of my State’s EVs
Mark D Larsen

Latest Update: September 14, 2018

I recently learned that the Auto Alliance compiles data on the number of alternative fuel vehicles sold to date in each state. When I combine its tallies for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids with the total number of vehicles sold in Utah, these are the results:
Gasoline vehicles: 792,735
Electric vehicles: 3,044
Plug-in hybrids: 951
Unfortunately, the Utah State Tax Commission no longer designates “trims” for various models, so plug-ins like Ford’s Focus BEV, C-Max Energi, and Fusion Energi are still lumped into generic categories for Focus, C-Max, and Fusion. Consequently, the following data are only for the 11 plug-ins identified as actual “models,” and thus do not add up to the grand totals above from the Auto Alliance.

Users might also want to consult my webpage for such sales nationwide, which includes all plug-in vehicles, whether designated by model or trim.

Utah (population 3.05M) vs. Norway (population 5.23M)